Who am I?

As I’ve already states elsewhere, my name is Finley Castle, and this website is a personal website of mine where I plan on writing about my life, mostly about my obsession with wine, hence the website name. I’m a 34 year old bank teller from Ireland, Dublin to be more precise. I grew up in County Cork. That’s where I plan on going back some day and having my own little vineyard. Nothing major I know that you can’t have very successful vineyards in Ireland, but if nothing else, at least to grow some wine for myself and my friends to eat.

I live in Dublin with my 2 cats, Erin and Sam. In my spare time I read, go on walks when it not too cold and windy, and I also spend time looking for good wines. Occasionally, like during the summer and sometimes in autumn, I go on a trip to either France, Italy or Spain. This year I’ve been to Croatia and it was amazing. That’s it about me in a few short notes. Stick around if you want to learn more about me.