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When we’re at the following festivals:


4/1-3/2016 – 46th Annual Roanoke Regional Home Builders Association @ Salem Civic Center, Salem, Virginia. Check it out CLICK HERE
4/9/2016 – Clarksville Wine Festival, Clarksville, Virginia. Check it out CLICK HERE
4/30/2016 – Cork and Fork, Blacksburg, Virginia. Check it out CLICK HERE

5/14/2016 – Lynchburg Music Festival, Lynchburg, Virginia. Check it out CLICK HERE
5/21/2016 – Vinton Wine and Food Festival. Vinton, Virginia. Check it out CLICK HERE
5/28/2016 – Massanutten Valley Festival Massanutten, Virginia. Check it out CLICK HERE

6/11/2016 – Lee Hall Summer Celebration Wine Festival, New Port News, Virginia. Check it out CLICK HERE

8/13/2016 – Microfestivus, Roanoke, Virginia. Check it out CLICK HERE

10/9/2016 – 7th Annual Salem Wine and Unwind Festival, Salem, Virginia.

From the winery

If you can’t make it out to see us we can deliver wine to your doorstep free if you follow a few rules! The delivery address must be within 25 miles of the winery. There is a 1 Case minimum (can be a mixed case), the order must be paid for in advance, and someone over 21 must sign for the wine at the time of delivery and cannot be intoxicated.

We can also ship wine to your doorstep if you follow a few more rules! Your home must be located in Virginia. You purchase a minimum of one case and again it can be mixed, and you can afford the $25 a case shipping charge.

All orders must be placed via phone to the winery.

If you order six or more bottles we can offer a variety of discounts:

Quantity Discount
6 Bottles 5% Discount
One Case 10% Discount
Two Cases 15% Discount
Three or more Cases 20% Discount
From one of these fine retail establishments:
  • Kroger Bent Mnt: 4404 Brambleton Ave, Roanoke
  • Kroger Blacksburg: 1322 S. Main St, Blacksburg
  • Kroger Towers: 614 Brandon Ave SW, Roanoke
  • Kroger Daleville: 72 Kingston Dr, Daleville
  • Kroger Cave Spring: 3971 Brambleton Ave, Roanoke
  • Kroger Bonsack: Valley Gateway Blvd, Roanoke
  • Kroger Forest: Forset Rd, Forset
  • Kroger Tanglewood: 4488 Electric Rd, Roanoke
  • Kroger Blacksburg: 903 University City Blvd, Blacksburg
  • Kroger Salem Spartan Sqr: 1477 West Main St, Salem
  • Kroger Ridgewood Farms: 1925 Electric Rd, Salem
  • Kroger Vinton: 915 Hardy Rd, Vinton
  • Brughs Mill Country Store: 345 Brughs Mill Rd, Fincastle
  • SUMDAT Downtown Roanoke: Market Square Wine Shop, Roanoke
  • Stop-In Food Stores: 6767 Cloverdale Rd, Roanoke
  • Staunton Abbey Wine Shop: 2217 N. Augusta, Staunton
  • Mr. Bill’s Wine Cellar: 2825 B Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke
  • The Club Car: 525 Main St, Clifton Forge
  • Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op: 1319 Grandin Road, Roanoke