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Come out, enjoy our wines, and relax on the porch at
Fincastle Vineyard&Winery

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Winery News

We have a new Artist working with us at Fincastle Winery.

It is very sad that we have to say goodbye to Lindee Katdare, but she is moving to Chicago and it would be very hard for her to teach painting and crafts living so far away. Lindee, will be truly missed by us and by all of her followers.

Lindsay Jackson was recommended by Lindee and I have met with her and immediately found a wonderful kind person with a bubbly personality and talent. Lindsay is very friendly and absolutely loves all the arts. We have booked Lindsay for 6 events starting in June through August. We will be listing the dates and crafts as soon as they have been determined. Stayed tune to our Facebook and our website for details.

Get to know Lindsay. Lindsay is a Georgia girl and is only a little over a year new to the Roanoke area. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Education from Columbus State University in Columbus, GA and has taught theatre to kids and adults alike for many years. Other subjects she has taught include public speaking, voice, piano, drama, musical theatre and art. You may have seen examples of her work at Vistar Eye Center in Salem, VA where she painted a mural of Kate and Mim Mim in their children’s waiting room. Lindsay is full of life and entertainment! She is excited to paint and craft with you and guarantees that you will have a fantastic and unforgettable experience!

Look at all the wonderful events we have planned for you on our event page.

Local wine connoisseur Gordon Kendall recommends our Viognier 2012 as a great wine to take to Grandmothers holiday dinner. To read this article CLICK HERE

Check this out we are featured in the new Mr. Bill's Wine Cellar Commercial! MPA Productions Presents: Mr. Bill's Wine Cellar Commercial Feb 2013 from MPA Weddings on Vimeo.

Having a Wedding, Anniversary, Corporate Event, Family Reunion? Make this day special with custom wine labels. Please call or send us an email to discuss all the possibilities.

About the Winery

Nestled in the Great Valley of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, Fincastle Vineyard & Winery produces wines using traditional Bordeaux small scale techniques. From the vines of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Chardonnay come wines pressed gently and aged in oak. After 10 years in the planning, David, Georgia, and their son, Richard opened Botetourt County's first farm winery in 2003 with a special emphasis on quality and not quantity. According to the Virginia Wine Guide "Fincastle's 2001 reds are beautifully handcrafted blockbuster wines, dark, lush and intensely flavored."

Built into the hillside by our farmhouse, the winery is a gravity-fed operation, thus insuring the completely natural handling of the wine. The unique construction of the winery utilizes top-level in-ground primary fermentation storage, below which are three levels of barrel storage, providing for the downward flow of wine during racking.

The vineyard can be seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 100. A simple desire to "do something with the land" has blossomed into a thriving vineyard where once there were only cows and hay.